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Hopscotch Music Festival: Artist Introduction 

"...Martin’s skillful writing and deft narrative complexity are perhaps SST’s secret weapon, but the band’s already well-armed. He has a crisp, resonant baritone, and the quartets canny enough to deploy their wonderful harmonies strategically. The pretty, bluegrass-built melodies move with casual, unhurried grace, but while the feeling’s sort of timeless, the approach is more modern..." 

Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol Show Review: Jan. 22nd 

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As a bundled up line of scarves, heavy coats and toboggans the length of Franklin Street's five-hundred block filtered slowly in to Local 506and thawed into cheery faces charmed with anticipation for the evenings headlining act Mandolin Orange, openers Big Al Hall andThe Sinful Savage Tigers turned the stage room into a zippy folk skiffle ball room and threw them a welcoming party. 

Stacking the room shoulder to shoulder, the fully charged capacity crowd and an electrified Sinful…Read more